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Japanese Market Entry Consulting

Services to assist
your company’s expansion
into the Japanese market.


Interbooks can help resolve any obstacles you face doing business in Japan. Our English-speaking staff will assist your company in transitioning into the Japanese market.

The primary obstacles for overseas companies expanding into Japan are language differences and differences in business practices.
Our services help resolve these two issues, supporting your company in making a smoother transition into the Japanese market.



Support services for localization into Japanese

Japanese staff proficient in English assists in the creation of Japanese translations of all types of documents.
From your first inquiry to post-delivery, our staff offers full English support.

Interbooks can create Japanese translations of the types of documents necessary for entering the Japanese market: from marketing materials to product manuals, catalogs, specifications, websites, and many more.

we offer

  • Creating translations for Japanese versions of press releases and marketing materials
  • Localizing manuals and specifications into Japanese
  • Translating, creating, and/or printing Japanese versions of other documents, including websites, catalogs, brochures, training materials, IR materials, and more

The types of documents we translate include the following:

  • Accounts,
    IR materials, annual reports
  • CSR reports,
    environmental reports
  • Contracts, legal documents
  • Rules and regulations
  • Websites
  • Patent specifications,
    intermediate documents,
    legal actions
  • Research materials
  • Manuals, user's guides,
  • Catalogs, brochures
  • Marketing materials
  • Press releases, news releases
  • Publications, magazines

Removing the
obstacle of

Recommendation to a law firm that assists with contractual and legal affairs that may arise when entering the Japanese market

Interbooks will introduce your company to Higuchi & Partners Legal Professional Corporation, an international law firm with highly experienced English-speaking Japanese attorneys that will work with your company as an advisor.

Higuchi & Partners can provide support regarding the legal aspects of your company’s transition into the Japanese market.

offered by
Higuchi &

  • Creating company regulations based on Company Law, laws pertaining to each industry, and other relevant laws and ordinances in Japan
  • Drafting, negotiating, and legal checking of all types of contracts, including those related to buying and selling, manufacturing consignment, business consignment, sales agencies, licensing, non-disclosures, and business partnerships in Japan
  • Introducing your company to experts on taxation, accounting, labor, and personnel affairs at each stage of your company, from establishment to operation

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