February 1991 Establishment of production company handling multilingual translation and DTP, based on Waseda University's Mac Users Group
March 1992 Production of multilingual edition of A Guide to Emergency Medical Treatment in Tokyo for Tokyo’s Bureau of Public Health
November 1992 Publication of Japan’s first grammar book in Mongolian script
July 1997 Publication of Japan’s first guide on managing PDF documents: The Electronic Document Revolution with Acrobat
November 1999 Launch of five-year production project with Japanese Government Team for Safeguarding Angkor (JSA)
April 2012 Start of joint project on computer-assisted translation systems with Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. (currently Toppan Inc.)
December 2013 Relocation to new office on December 9, 2013 due to business expansion
May 2014 Start of large-scale patent translation project from Chinese to Japanese
March 2017 Registration of more than 2,000 translators
January 2019 Achievement of eight
consecutive years of increased income and profit
June 2019 Acquisition of ISO 17100 certification, an international standard for translation services
February 2020 30th anniversary celebration of company's establishment
June 2020 Appointment of Company President as member of Japan Translation Federation (JTF)’s Board of Directors
January 2021 Start of full-scale operation of public relations department
April 2021 Massive expansion of localization department